Friday, November 05, 2010

Found her in a catalog or something that reminded me of the old fishing trips I so enjoyed with father. We would always be out on the boat flipping that which would posses a threat to the even feeling of togetherness. A mutual agreement of enduring tethered fraternity. Just who would break it would cause thoughts of disturbance that would only dislodge one from his current form of sanity. Being out on a limb, as he was, didn't really matter as long as no one knew he was there. He would be giving advice that was instinctive to all the truths he ever knew no matter how infringed by mislead missionaries. Being fed in whatever way is what led the precious fickle cheese coddler to the next destination. She arrived and rocked the boat. She being something new one mustn't miss-figure the treatment of the situation. Honest glances of selfish and innocent recognitions flashed their existences. Filters were off and all at once allegiances were in parral as the mast took it's gravitational forces to questionable stability. Breaking from the hypnosis of imminent delight, fear struck the inner fragility of mantra for only an instant. Siding with that which was pleasureful for the eternity of the moment was the best choice he ever made. Blessing his totem to it on annual visages plagues the days that are upon forming.

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