Friday, July 02, 2010

Truly at this moment thinking back back back of the last year I am fixed in the thought of waste. Vexed by what's been tried and isn't true. amazing and crud and heaping nails of asphyxiation. I am the no man. be a tinker bell and craw into a knook. glitter an evening unseen and kept wrapped. Shiny and coaxed his teeth were ready to chatter and never did so. Some found it sad, others found it what they always wanted of him. The silence boosts me to build a chariot. a silence so shimmery it alone mounted all the attention he could give himself and lunged. Happy in the ides of distance he pulled scratching dry and starched blankets over the visage of his lidless eyes.
OH MY GOD! here we are zit... being beings together. you live off of me and I live in slipping drawn bridge efforts. Building the table today johnny totally toppled blindly voluptuous fingers tossed.
cowardly moment. I brag upon thee. How doubt a flighty moment when an if so genuine. bragging upon brother I felt hair that I've always been growing. What I do so effortlessly comes easy to me. so much of me I am not even familiar with sincerely because I complete tasks with such incredible fucking skill. As a stroll, I know. I know that I am defiant and I have no idea why. that is the best part of blissful portrayals. It's that good is in reverence and that bad must be nothing. Bah bombard the few boots that pull themselves.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Furthermore I see it a responsibility to fiddle with this and that and engage in looks of remark and disbelief.