Friday, March 20, 2009

She was infatuated with the way that I looked.  I told her to get a hold of her brains.  "Please place yourself in my seat and pervert the wind."  Gazing at the dainty shirt of a mouse she put on her condom.  These terrot cards are marked and stuffed in my sleeves.  Taking them out one by one I slid them under my lip.  The cards were made from shells and became a tribal gauge.  Staring past my nose pearls began to form as I left dust upon washing my port.  Collecting her in my arms like a mollusk quickly escapes into his shell, she had what she needed.  Enough arms to bear her weight and stroke her hair, tie her shoes, write her memoir, carry a taco, squeeze a stress-ball, thrust a javelin, plead guilty, pursue a dream, postpone HIV, blister from standing near a steamy moment with a dried up jesus with candida.  She sat pissing on  a string tied up like a lasso.  The string then followed suit and tied itself as a lasso and gave itself to the cowboy.  Hooked to my belt.  I heard the latch of my buckle clink loose and felt the caress of the damp lasso around the dinner bell.  Raising my eyebrow, I looked down, and saw those pearls and swallowed them.  I heard my name tapping as an SOS and mistook it as an upset stomach.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everybody is leaving.  If only needed, they would steal and feel a great capability.  I've seen those near me drift closer and stroke that which was mine.  Plastering the whole world in the wall is a riffled book worth reprehensible entitlement.  Look through the window.  Plow a field.  Borrow a spear.  Dig the tomato.  Form a noodle.  Bothered by selfish antidotes to a quarreling stone, brushed the meadow... lark.  "Don't be so thoughtful, question mark!"  Fired up and ready too slow.  To hide something in a public hiding space is a spongy menstruation filled compliment with beans spilled for showmanship.  "FOOD got tired of the harassment."

Monday, March 16, 2009

This place is crazy. This egg is crazy. This egg is hydrated. You are one sharp cookie. Die before bedtime.  I'm a brain goose.  My mind is liquified on chocolate artifacts. Fuckin' orbitz gum in my soothe nail embroidered christ ulna.  Hop on it.  Get donut? No donut? No Doubt? Spider web wiz on a philly steed!